What Keeps Me Going

November 12, 2013


You know what keeps me going when it feelings like I’m running in place? I have these pictures of things already past and of things yet to come ingrained in my brain like tattoos in my mind.

My past shows me an image of a little boy frightened beyond belief by the changes taking place inside his very body. A little boy who never really understood what was happening to him because no one thought to ask what he needed. Everyone was making decisions that would effect the little boy long after he was no longer a little boy anymore, yet no one asked him what he thought he needed…

There’s a little boy in my future, too. Many of them, in fact. Little girls, as well. And they all have one thing in common: their bodies are imperfect and the little boys and the little girls, they just want to be children. They just want to go outside and play and they just want to go to school and learn. They want to go on to become teachers, police officers, firefighters, and, yes, maybe even doctors. But more than anything else, they want to be children and they want to be understood. So, the little boys and the little girls, they come and see Dr. JT. They know that this doctor is unlike the rest because he takes the time to explain to them things both frightening and complicated in a way that is neither frightening nor complicated. This doctor, he always talks to the little children, never at them and never through them. This doctor always takes the time to make sure that the little children understand what is happening to them as fully as their young minds will allow.

And this doctor, he doesn’t forget that while healing starts with the body, it ecompasses the mind and the spirit. So, when a family, after just receiving news that will change their lives forever, asks for a chaplain to come pray with them, this doctor, Dr. JT, takes the family by the hand, lowers his head, and begins the healing process with three simple words,

“Dear Heavenly Father. . .”


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