January 23, 2013

Most of my friends are pregnant or have had children. I really want to start a family, but no chance of that happening soon. I’ve only just recently discovered the fun of casual dating. At least I get to live with one.

My two roommates, a young married couple, and their beautiful children–the boy is twenty two months and the girl is just over a month–have been such a blessing to my life. That little boy is getting so big. I love how he can’t go to bed until he gives his roommate a kiss goodnight. Sometimed I think he thinks I’m his live in “manny” or something, other times maybe his adopted older brother.

Sometimes he’ll crawl into my lap while we’re watching a movie or after he’s grown bored of making a mess in the living room and just cuddle up against me.

When I’m holding him against my chest in moments such as that, my heart beats with more love than I knew possible and I am reminded of my yearning to one day have a child of my own.


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