When Words are not Enough

February 17, 2012

I pride myself on being able to put complex feelings into words in a way that comforts even the most afraid spirit. Words are not enough this time.

Words cannot explain the pain I feel seeing a little boy embark on his journey with the same disorder I have. The young child only just recently had his entire right eyeball removed. His orbit–the eye socket–is inflamed so badly that it’s swelling right out of the socket. His doctors are considering tarsorrhaphy (sealing the eyelids together) to reduce inflammation and protect the now vulnerable flesh from infection. He’s afraid. His mother asked me if it will hurt. No, it won’t, but pain isn’t the only thing terrifying children inside hospitals. It’s the environment. It’s knowing something is wrong with your body and there’s nothing you can do to fix it or make it go away.

I want to hold him. To walk him through all the pain. To let him know that he is no lesser being. I want to teach him how to live like a champion and hope that he might realize that he can compete with the most able of them. God chose him, just like God chose me. The chosen must walk together.

Thank you, Connor, for reminding me of my calling. See you soon.


3 Responses to “When Words are not Enough”

  1. Kim said

    Such a gift of compassion, empathy, and discernment you were given to then bestow upon another. This child/ family may not yet grasp the entirety of your gift to them, but wouldn’t it be a privilege to see them now be equip to extend it to another….. Wow!
    It is indeed a gift, for myself, to be able to be witness to such an exchange. I so look forward to watching how God will continue to use you share with He places in your path. I count myself blessed to be a mere observant to the unfoldings. Thank you for your friendship! Peace be with you today and all that follow.

    • Kim said

      I didn’t proof read very well, this is what I tried to convey….***I look forward to watching you share this gift with those He places in your path*

  2. JT said

    Thank you, Kim. 🙂

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