Oregon Health and Science University Skybridge

November 21, 2011

Constructed in 1992, the Oregon Health and Science University Sky Bridge became the largest bridge of its kind in North America. At six hundred sixty feet in length, the bridge was constructed to connect OHSU hospital with the neighboring Veteran Affairs Medical Center off campus.

I recall moments after surgeries where my mother, father or sister would pull me in a wagon (as a child) or push me in a wheelchair across the bridge. It was always a special time of bonding with my parents, separately as well as together. A time when we meditated on God’s will for our lives. A place where we reflected on what was laid out before us and how we would find the courage and the strength to keep walking.

Now, as an aspiring physician, I think back to the OHSU Sky Bridge when I need a moment of enlightenment and inspiration. It helps me reevaluate where I’m going and just why I’m going there. It feels as if this bridge was more than just a physical bridge, but a spiritual bridge as well. A child was what I was when I began my journey, yet what emerged from the other side was not a child, but a man. A young bird with a broken wing and a dream of one day flying with the eagles.


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