November 7, 2011

I am the blind man you see everyday as you get on the bus to work. You forget that I am not deaf. I can hear your words of pity. I can feel your stares.
I am the deaf man you overlooked as you skimmed through the employment applications to choose the best applicant in the bunch. “He can’t hear,” you say to yourself. But he sees. He sees your unfair prejudice as you spit on all he’s fought to accomplish.
I am the lame man you look down on as you walk past me. You see only my chair and not the human being that sits upon it.
I am the mute man you roll your eyes at as I softly utter and gesture for assistance. I’m the difficult customer you’re forced to put on a smile for and greet cheerfully. I lower my head in shame for bothering you.
I am everything you are afraid to look at. I don’t exist but only to pester you. My heart does not seek empathy, friendship nor love. I am not a human being.
I am invisible.


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