A Soldier at War

November 7, 2011

In every war there is an enemy. My war is no different in that sense, but my enemy is. My enemy lives in my mind, amplifying the darkest corners of my heart. My enemy is a master of psychological warfare. My enemy knows my every fear and exploits them in attempt to break me. My enemy uses my every weakness to crush me mercilessly. When life becomes too stressful, my enemy plants the suggestion of suicide in my mind. My enemy whispers into my heart, “Jaime, kill yourself. It’s the only way to end this pain.” What my enemy doesn’t know is that I’m one of God’s chosen few; an elite warrior created to give my pain and the pain of others a voice that sings only the glory of God. So I say to my enemy, “Hurt me. Do your worst, because I’d rather feel this pain than nothing at all.” My enemy knows I’ll win and my enemy is afraid.


One Response to “A Soldier at War”

  1. Jahin Torres said


    I haven’t finish reading every single of your poems; but I had to stop here to declare myself one of the weakest persons on earth. We, that have the advanteges, physically, to live in ways that we can by choice, will never have the courage and strength to confront life as you have just stated. I cried, and feel guilty, about the many times I thought about suicide for a reason it will never be worthy at all. Thank you so much for the lessons you have left behind for the ones with wings but can’t fly. I love you.


    Jesus (chuche)

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